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sunny, cloudless, 95F [Apr. 13th, 2008|02:04 pm]
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Sunny, cloudless, 95 degrees Fahrenheit.  Average number of yard sales, 1 every 5 houses, featuring assorted plastic object d'art, metal, and cloth items.  Madera High School Color Guard girls occupy all four corners of Gateway & Yosemite Avenues, shouting at passing cars and waving cardboard signs that say 'CAR WASH' in the 95F heat.  Beads of sweat collect on their youthful, spotless, brows. A driver in a red sports car in the far left lane shouts across the passenger seat, out the passenger window, 'Hey wudaryouguyzselling?' 'CAR WASHES' screams a chubby girl in her fully buttoned, bright purple, long-sleeved, polyester suit, with matching hat.  The light turns green.  He peels out at 40 miles an hour.  A 40-something man about 6 inches shorter than the phone box speaks Spanish into the pay phone outside the post office.  There is always a 40-something man about 6 inches shorter than the phone box speaking Spanish into the pay phone outside the post office, and every day it is a different man.  An older woman with voluminous grey hair leaves the post office and holds the glass door open for the next person.  A pink post-it note sleepily gathers black footprints on the tiled lobby floor. It reads 'If you like this book I'll send it to you. Grandma Susie.'  The wholesale grain and feed store/warehouse has put up its 'Wranglers Jeans For Sale' sign.  The Madera County Library Main Branch interior is brown, teal, wall-to-wall carpeted, and hushed.  A shriveled, knotted, muscular man, slightly larger than a dwarf, with eyes popping out of their sockets, paces back and forth across the same four feet, between the copy machine and the paperback discards. Today's discard highlights: Penguin Modern Classics edition of 'Brave New World,' the typed note on a blank, yellowed index card which reads 'reading to someone at work, asking Peter to say hello and get a book ---' found inside a 1960's Vintage paperback edition of Forster's 'The Longest Journey,' a paperback edition of 'The Annotated Alice,' Katherine Hepburn's memoirs, the 'Do It Yourself Weather Book,' and a copy of Childcraft's illustrated Folk & Fairy Tales.  A Harley Davidson revs up outside La Tienda Market on 4th & D Streets.  A few thousand people spill out into the sunshine outside of St. Joachim's Roman Catholic Church on 4th street. A woman in a poofy white dress, a man in a slick suit, and Father Toschi talk in a cluster at the back of a 5-times extended SUV limo.  There are photographers, jibber jabberers, men in Wranglers, women in Wranglers, cowboy boots and cowboys, grandparents, grandchildren, and jolly townspeople.  Girls in fluffy white dresses and little boys in bow ties and suits circle the SUV limo playing tag.  The 5 surrounding parking lots are full.  It is sunny, cloudless, and still 95 degrees Fahrenheit.