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[Jun. 25th, 2008|02:29 pm]
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i am an idiot.  i should have bought 'black postcards' when i could have had the discount.  i'm going to try and see dean & britta tonight at a book/music event in SF which is sponsored by men's vogue.  i have rsvp'd but not heard a confirmation-but they don't always reply with confirmations.  i am pissing myself.  this is the equivalent of ladygrey meeting matt costa or kendrad having dinner with kings of convenience.  yes i have met dave matthews, coldplay, dj ztrip, morrissey, franz ferdinand, um, and lots more but i'd never read any of their memoirs, or perhaps had their music be such an influence on my future musical taste.  so now i will probably charge the purchase of the damn book, in case i can get it signed, which means he probably won't sign books anyway, and also means i may be jinxing my chances of getting in.  fug it.