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'some things are so ugly they're beautiful.'

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  • danzcrayz
transplanted american. never felt 'at home' in california, although i never went to berkeley (to study) sometimes i wish i had...wannabe journalist like the rest of the world, but i have so many opinons i get confused myself and i don't know that it will ever happen. will probably end up selling cider in the cold on the street at markets wearing fingerless gloves to make ends meet. in july. such is my life. filling in this white box isn't easy. 'about you' in a few moments...wonder if that's how musicians feel about their music, like they spend their whole life filling in the 'about you' box...

miss g
a.a. milne, abandoned places, alice in wonderland, alphonse mucha, amoeba music, andy goldsworthy, architecture, art, art deco, art nouveau, astral, atlantic monthly, bach, ballet, beatles, beethoven, ben harper, berkeley, birds, bjork, bran van 3000, breakdancing, bridges, broken social scene, c.s. lewis, california, cannonball adderly, catholicism, cats, cellos, celtic music, cezanne, charles rennie macintosh, charlie parker, cities at night, clouds, coldplay, damien rice, dance, dark chocolate, dave matthews, death cab for cutie, degas, dives, dostoyevsky, drum and bass, duke ellington, echo and the bunnymen, ed harcourt, electronica, evelyn waugh, explosions in the sky, fantasia, folk, foo fighters, found objects, four tet, friends, full moon partisans, george harrison, gerhard richter, ghost world, golden gate park, gustav klimt, hip hop, jazz, john galliano, joseph arthur, journalism, kenny dorham, killing moon, kusf, lauren bacall, le petit prince, les savy fav, letterwriting, libraries, lincoln park san francisco, london, long walks, macs, manet, matisse, miles davis, monty python, morton valence, music, my cabin, my dad's telescope, my mother's clothes, my red fabric, oxford, p.g. wodehouse, palestrina, pearl jam, people watching, philip glass, philosophy, photography, pillow fights, public transportation, radiohead, rain, reading, recycled everything, rembrandt, rilke, rivers, roald dahl, rogue wave, rome, rufus wainwright, rusting train carriages, san francisco, scotland, sea ray, shakespeare, shredded tube/underground posters, slips, smashing pumpkins, square 1 television, stationery stores, string quartets, tchaikowsky, textiles, the beatles, the fillmore, the fire theft, the ladies man, the muppets, the new yorker, the postal service, the princess bride, the prosaics, theology, thrift stores, trance, travel, two gallants, vespers, vivaldi, warped glass, wooden floors, writing, www.rockfeedback.com, yosemite